Boyfriend gilet


Since I saw this white boyfriend gilet at the Mango store last weekend, my heart was beating louder. It was the perfect oversized gilet I’ve ever seen. Crispy white, beautiful cut and very minimalistic. Unfortunately, my size was sold out. So I’ve to wait till they got stock up again :) In the meantime, I couldn’t get that gilet out of mind, so I decided to make some outfit collage on how I would style this gilet with.

Hope you like it.

Untitled-2 untitled 3


Inspiration // Iris Hantverk


Since I like to clean, – it may sound a little bit weird to you, but I just can’t concentrate or feel comfortable in a room or area that’s very chaotic or dirty,- I always like to use beautiful (beautiful in it’s simplicity) and handy cleaning products.

One day, I came across some products from Iris Hantverk on the internet. Their products and especially their household brushes are made with a lot of care. All the brushes are fully handmade with  traditional Swedish craftsmanship.  Iris Hantverk is focused on functional designs and select their natural materials carefully so that every brush has their own unique function. These brushes and cleaning tools will last you for years.


Cleaning will be a lot more fun and easier with these beautiful products!





Today a short post, hope you don’t mind. Since I’m full time working as an intern at a design studio for my graduation and I’m having a part time job for the weekends to earn some extra money, I’m very busy. Because I’m busy doesn’t mean I won’t make time to blog, so I’m doing my best :)

The flat-out above shows you what I am wearing today :) A sweater and a cute beanie for keeping me warm, skinny jeans for a fitted look and comfy Nikes to compleet my outfit.

sweater: Abercrombie and Fitch
jeans: Zara
shoes: Nike Sky High
beanie: Zara (children department)

Running errands


As you may know (from the previous post), I had a pretty busy weekend, a busy but fun weekend!

Today’s outfit post is quickly taken on saturday, after a few hours of work at the hotel. My boyfriend and I had to do some errands before we went to a surprise birthday party of a friend of us. So I went for a comfy and basic outfit. To add an eye-catcher into the whole look, I paired my outfit with some awesome and comfortable Nike Sky Highs!


The birthday party was fun, we at a lot of yummy food, hotpot party a la Chinese style and delicious birthday cake! Birthday guy, hope you had a lovely day!

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-23 om 20.52.30

vest: Forever21
t-shirt: H&M
jeans: Primark
shoes: Nike Sky High
bag: Longchamp le Pliage
watch: Komono