Your inner child


Hi guys, I know I haven’t talked a lot in my latest few post. So today I have a more personal post ready. Since I’m very busy with my final year of Product Design, my graduation and stuff, I get stressed out very easily. I often forget to relax and enjoy the little things around me.

One day I came across this quote, Never forget your inner child. I’ve printed it out to remind me  that everything will go more smoothly when I’m myself. Sometimes you need to do or be a little cray cray to forget the stress around you. Having fun and laugh is the most important thing in life. So whenever I feel stuck or exhausted I’ll read this quote and smile.

For now a hilarious video, to encourage your inner child :)

Have a nice day!




Hi guys, today I want to talk about my everyday make-up look. I’m a girl who doesn’t like to wear a ton of make-up. I like to keep it light and simple, a winged eyeliner for a fresh and bright look and eyebrows to frame my face. When I’ve more time in the morning and I’m in to make-up, I’ll use concealer to even out my skin tone, bronzer to shape my face and a colorful lipstick.

For my everyday make-up look I use a eyeliner pen from Dolly Wink, definitely my favorite eyeliner pen I’ve ever tried. Compared to other eyeliner pens with felted tips, the Dolly Wink eyeliner has a brush instead, so you can draw thin strokes easily. For my eyebrows I use a eyeshadow from UNE in the color S13. It’s a brown grey-ish color, which looks very natural.

Time to put my glasses on and I’m ready to head out!