Oh food! Asians are food lovers so do I. Food is my number one passion and I like it! Today I have a blog post ready about a must-go for hands down thé best burgers I’ve ever had,  De Burger. Located in the Kerkstraat in Eindhoven (town in the Netherlands). The interior of the restaurant is very urban and industrial with a warm and cozy atmosphere. The kitchen is open, so you can hear the meat sizzle on the griddle and watch how chefs prepare your order.

Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Like the name is already saying (de Burger), they offer burgers. And what kind of burger?! I’ve been there for two times now and both times were awesome! For my first try, I went safe and chose for the classic burger with extra topping, cheddar and bacon. Yum! Because I thought, “One burger? That won’t be enough for me for the whole night…” I chose some fries with mayonnaise as well. And man! What was I wrong! That burger was so big and tasteful, that I was to full to finish the fries. Fortunate, I had company with me to help me finish up the fries, hehe.

Untitled-3 SONY DSC

If you’re in Eindhoven or around the town and you want to have a nice and juicy burger? This is the place to be! Side note, no reservations possible… this place is very popular, so be there a little earlier, if you don’t like to wait for a table :)

Go check out their website for more details!



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