Long time no talk guys! I hope you had a great weekend! As you may have noticed, I haven’t been consistent with blogging for the past few weeks. I’m sorry for that… I wish I could post a blog post everyday. The reason why I haven’t been posting consistence is school…

Only one month left till my graduation presentation… I’m so nervous for that! For my graduation I’m designing a new product for Ontwerpduo‘s collection. I’ve been giving myself to much unnecessary pressure… pfff… so I always feel exhausted by the end of the day. I’m working on it, to be and feel more relaxed. Time really flies! But enough negativity, positivity is the key!

I’m planning not to blog every day till after my graduation, so I can focus on school first. After that, I promise to keep up a schedule. When I have more time and feel more relaxed, I know I’ll be more active on the internet. I like to keep myself busy with the things I like to do, which is creating inspirational, fun and creative contents. Busy bee me :p

OK! Let’s head over to the OOTD! This is what I wore 09yesterday, when my boyfriend and I went grocery shopping at the farmers market. A grey vest, navy top, denim shorts and some comfy leather boots! I haven’t went to the farmers market in a while… And what did I missed this! Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, flowers… I’m feeling butterflies!

In the video you will find some outfit details. So please go check it out! :)
watch it in HD.