SONY DSC There are two kinds of clothing, trendy pieces and the basic ones. Trendy clothing changes from season to season and is always following the trends of that moment. The downside about these  clothing is that it’s fashionable and hot for a (short) time of periode. I, personally, think this could be tricky. Buying fashionable trendy clothing and just wearing it for one or two periods, even though I like (contemporary) fashion a lot. It’s inspiring, unique and fun! I am not saying that I don’t have any trendy clothes in my wardrobe, it’s only limited :)

The second type of clothing are the basics. If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know that I prefer basics most of the time. 80-90% of my wardrobe are basic clothing. From basic white or grey tees to striped tops to denim shirts. Basics are definitely my cup of tea :p There are 3 main reasons for me why I like basic clothing so much. One, it’s never out of season. Two, they are a must when layering clothing. And three, it fits all body types.

Today I want to show you 3 basic classic clothing pieces out of my wardrobe. The black leather jacket, a white button up and a pair of black skinny jeans. SONY DSCThe black leather jacket is perfect for layering. It adds a bit of an edge to the look without looking to harsh. It’s such an easy going piece. When you think you are missing something, try to add a black leather jacket. You can spice up a super girly look by adding a slim black leather jacket.SONY DSC Black skinny jeans, who does not have one?! I don’t think I need to explain why a pair of black skinnies are a classic. A well fitted pair of skinny jeans will make your legs look slim and long. And black goes with all colors. Effortless and easy going.SONY DSC

Last but not least, the white button up. A white button up is perfect for those days when you are just staring at your closet and don’t know what to wear. By pairing your white button up with a black skinny jean, it will give you a classic and chic look. When going for an effortless and cool look try styling the button up with a loose fitted boyfriend jeans. There are a lot of different  white button ups. There are fitted ones, loose fitted, slim fitted, you name it. When searching for a perfect white button up,  try all kinds, so you know and can see, which one will suit your body type beter.

SONY DSCI hope you like my tips. Please give this post a thumbs up if you liked today’s post and want to know my other basic must haves. :) Thanks!

x! Lydia



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